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The following companies and web sites provide a variety of programmes, resources and information for teaching children to read and write. As an independent trainer Elizabeth is familiar with all of them. She can advise on appropriate resources for particular circumstances.



Programmes and Further Training


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar  for 4-11 year olds


Phonics International online synthetic phonics programme and resources for all ages


Sound Discovery with Snappy Lesson for classes and groups


Read Write Inc  a whole primary school programme; also ‘Fresh Start’ for strugglers in upper primary/lower secondary


Sound Reading System  for one-to-one help for all ages and now for classroom teaching too.


Phonics Bug  for teaching children with an electronic whiteboard


Floppy’s Phonics Sounds and Letters  a complete synthetic phonics programme with the Oxford Reading Tree characters


Letters and Sounds the 2007 English government’s synthetic phonics programme for the initial teaching of reading, now archived. For a review of Letters and Sounds, click here.


Rapid Phonics for catching up with the basics of phonics


Everyone Can Read suitable for strugglers in upper primary/secondary. For a review, click here.



Programmes suitable for one-to-one


BRI-ARI especially good for young readers who ‘guess’


Step by Step A day-by-day programme for all ages


The Promethean Trust for young children who are falling behind


Toe by Toe for students with reading difficulties



Reading Schemes

based on structured phonics teaching


No Nonsense Phonics


Jelly & Bean


‘Read and See’ and ‘Jolly Readers’


Read Write Inc Story Books and Non-Fiction


Dandelion Readers


Sounds-Write Stories


Phonics Bug - printed and e-books


Floppy’s Phonics


Getting Reading Right




Extra Resources


Trugs card games for practising reading words one-to-one


Word Shark interractive computer program, includes phonics practice



Information and Discussion


International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction


Reading Reform Foundation for information and debate


Dyslexics.org.uk for information and links




Elizabeth’s Resources


Lesson Plans

Written by Elizabeth Nonweiler, available on request in return for feedback


Reading for Meaning

Images from Power Point used at seminar in Education Exhibition in Birmingham  


Read and Draw Worksheets -

for practising reading, comprehension and pencil control


How Jolly Phonics fits with the Phases of Letters and Sounds