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Lesson Plans and Progression for the Initial Teaching of Reading and Writing in Schools

By Elizabeth Nonweiler

I wrote these lesson plans originally for teachers in Carriacou and Petite Martinique in the Caribbean.

Teachers tried them out and I adapted them as I learned how they worked in practice.

The only resources needed to use the lesson plans are something for the teacher to write on that the children can see, and something for each child to write on and with. However, if you have more resources, you can easily adapt the plans. You could use a Jolly Phonics Big Book or a puppet to introduce the letter-sounds; ready-printed word cards, magnetic letters or an interactive whiteboard for reading and spelling words; slates or mini-whiteboards for the children to write on. The plans are based on Jolly Phonics, but they could be used without a commercial programme or with resources from a different synthetic phonics programme.

This is what is included:

an overview of how to use the lesson plans

an overview of the first two years of teaching reading using synthetic phonics

daily plans for the first ten weeks

suggestions for follow-up activities

an overview of progression after the first ten weeks, with sample lesson plans

how to help children who are slower to learn to read than the rest of the class

how to teach tricky words and alternative spellings

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An example of a lesson plan: