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Thank you for the super course today, it was extremely useful and we have come away with lots of new ideas.

(Key Stage 1 teacher from Minety Primary School)

I have found the training very useful and informative. Just what I was looking for.

(teacher from Belmont School, a special school for pupils with learning difficulties)

Thank you for the excellent insight into how students learn to read.

(English SEN teacher fom Bridgnorth Endowed Secondary School)

Elizabeth delivered high quality phonics training to our classroom based staff at the beginning of this year. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about phonics. The staff who work in EYFS and KS1 were enthused by the training as they could put it straight into action and are seeing the results already. KS2 teachers could better understand where the children are coming from, as well as being able to support new arrivals. Now the whole team is speaking the same language. Thank you.

(Soho Parish CE Primary School, London)

The training Elizabeth provided for our school (to more than 50 teachers and teaching assistants) was extremely powerful, effective and practical. It has proved of lasting value to us and we are most grateful for her unbiased, independent advice on resources. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about her subject and is very good at sharing detailed, specific information with a wide range of participants.

(a large local authority primary school near Manchester, staff from Nursery to Year 6)

Elizabeth has done two sessions (JollyPhonics) for our Pre-Prep school and both have been extremely informative as well as practical. She tailored the sessions to our needs and gave us lots of food for thought as well as many ideas which we have subsequently implemented. We would certainly recommend her to other schools - her enthusiasm and knowledge make her training in Jolly Phonics extremely worthwhile.

(an independent school in London, staff from Reception to Year 2)

Although dealing with what some would consider a “tough” crowd, Elizabeth remained very upbeat and positive as she introduced our system to Jolly Phonics. Elizabeth’s training provided a very good understanding of the importance of synthetic phonics. Although the program which we have chosen to use is Jolly Phonics, I feel that I can now teach phonics with varied resources as her instruction covered the research behind this method of teaching. She provided excellent Jolly Phonics lesson plans that have proved an invaluable resource, as well as tips for differentiation so all students can be successful learners.

(training abroad for Early Childhood Development officers, literacy co-ordinators and teachers)

We were impressed with the training that Elizabeth gave to the staff at school. Jolly Phonics is up and running very well here now.

(a special school for children with physical disabilities and in many cases related learning difficulties)

Elizabeth is a highly professional trainer with an excellent knowledge and understanding of the synthetic phonics teaching principles and the leading phonics programmes and resources. She has a wealth of teaching and tutoring experience from infant to adult education and can offer advice on any aspect of reading and spelling instruction for any age range and circumstances. Elizabeth is leading a synthetic phonics teacher-training project in the Caribbean with great success and has gained the highest regard from all those involved.

Debbie Hepplewhite, teacher, trainer and advisor in synthetic phonics teaching methods: website editor of www.rrf.org.uk, author of Phonics International www.phonicsinternational.com , Debbie’s website  www.syntheticphonics.com

Elizabeth has not only an excellent understanding of how to teach Jolly Phonics; she is also extremely knowledgeable about the effectiveness and benefits of synthetic phonics.

Sue Lloyd, author of Jolly Phonics:


Elizabeth Nonweiler is an experienced teacher of synthetic phonics and a skilled communicator. She has been trained in Sound Discovery and Snappy Lesson teaching. She is senior trainer and project manager of a Synthetic Phonics Project in the Caribbean, which is using Sound Discovery.

Dr Marlynne Grant, Chartered Educational Psychologist and author of ound Discovery materials: www.syntheticphonics.net

I am happy to recommend Elizabeth as a consultant and trainer. She has a thorough understanding of the principles of synthetic phonics, proven ability as a trainer, and knowledge of a range of programmes, including Read Write Inc.

Ruth Miskin, author of Read Write Inc.


I worked closely with Elizabeth during the Caribbean teacher-training project. I found her to be conscientious and reliable and to work in a very professional manner. She also has the necessary teaching experience, along with a thorough knowledge of synthetic phonics, to make her an excellent teacher of reading in any circumstances, be it in the classroom, teacher-training or 1-1 tutoring.

Susan Godsland, independent remedial reading tutor and editor of: